I wanted to watch Sarah Palin‘s Republican Nat’l Convention speech last night, but I wanted to hang back with the gang (see below) a bit more. MSNBC’s First Read declared that “conservatives have found their Obama. Win or lose, Palin has already established herself as the future star of the party. She stayed within her comfort zone, avoiding issues she’s not up-to-speed on just yet. The only question is whether her tough sarcastic words for Obama played well with swing voters, who were hearing her for the very first time.” Reactions?

Sidenote: Malcolm Johnson has passed along the following: “In 2006, Sarah Palin defeated Tony Knowles for Governor. In preparation for the campaign, Knowles put together a 63-page “research document” about her hiistory as Mayor of Wasilla. Anita Dunn once worked on that campaign, is now working for Obama. Here it is.