In Maureen Dowd‘s 6.11 N.Y. Times column, “Girl Squad”, she imagines what may have transpired during Friday’s meeting Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren. I’ve condensed my favorite portions while inserting slivers from a 6.10 HE post called titled “Bold Leadership Isn’t In Hillary Clinton — She’s An Incrementalist — Guarded, Cautious. Which Is Why, I Fear, She Won’t Ask Elizabeth Warren To Partner Up”.

Clinton: “I know you’re intrigued by the idea of being my vice president. I heard you tell our gal Rachel Maddow that you’re prepared to be commander in chief. But you know I can’t put you on the ticket, don’t you?”

Hillary Clinton’s home at 3067 Whitehaven St NW, Washington, DC.

Warren: “Because the country isn’t ready for two wonky women for the price of one?”

Hillary: “No, I’m not ready. You, the so-called Sheriff of Wall Street, attacked me as the Shill of Wall Street. Why should you get the glass slipper when you were foot-dragging on my glass-shattering moment?”

From 6.10 HE post: “I’ll be delighted if Clinton picks Warren but my insect antennae vibes are telling me she won’t because of egoistic stubbornness. Yes, she needs a tough pit bull to muss up Donald Trump‘s hair but on the other hand she doesn’t want to be overshadowed.”

Warren: “You know all the Democrats want me on the ticket to add some sizzle since the crowds you draw wouldn’t even fill this couch. I know you are afraid I will overshadow you and I will. But I can help you reel in all the young women who find you more shifty than nifty. And the Bernie Bros dig me.”

Clinton: “Thanks, Pocahontas. I can do some things on my own. I did manage to secure a spot in the Ivy League without pretending to be Native American.”

Warren: “Let me give you some free advice: Now that Bernie and I have forced you to address income inequality, you might want to hide that $12,495 tweed Armani jacket you wore on the trail in the back of your closet.”

From 6.10 post: “Hillary has to be Super-Hillary. She has to live in the world she knew in the ’90s and early aughts. She doesn’t get 2016, not really. She’s a policy wonk. She likes things to be proper, well-flanked. Her first political allegiance was to Barry Goldwater. She has to be the Big Honcho, and that means no patience with an ardent vp pushing for this or that. Shut up, Elizabeth. Know your place. I am the cheese.”