Poor Daniel Craig, whom the old-line fans despise for having been cast as James Bond in the currently-shooting Casino Royale, is getting more support, this time from
Die Another Day villain Toby Stephens who calls hiring Craig to play 007 “inspired” and says he takes the character “back to its roots.” Craig is “a serious actor and doesn’t look like a traditional Bond,” said Stephens. “He’s a very dark actor and a very interesting one, and I think he will be brilliant. It will reinvigorate the whole thing. It is not going to be to everyone’s taste but that is the thing when you take over a role…you are not going to please everyone.” Pierce Brosnan is also calling Craig “a very fine actor,” adding that “these are rocky waters and [anti-Craig contingent is] going to get him one way or another, but I think he will have the last laugh at the end of it.”