Certainly the most beautiful ’65 or ’66 Mustang (I’m not enough of a car buff to know the difference) that just happened to be parked in front of my home that I’ve ever seen in my life. Gun-metal gray, 289 cc engine, buffed and polished to a fare-thee-well, polished-oak steering wheel, factory-new black-leather seats.

Late this morning I asked a guy at a men’s clothing store store on Santa Monica Blvd. when the sales of pork-pie hats had taken off big-time, and he said “this year.” Boomers aren’t allowed to wear pork-pie hats — they’re strictly for GenXers (born from ’64 to ’80) and GenYers (’80 to mid ’90s), and certainly no one older than than middle-aged GenXers like Brad Pitt, who will be 45 this December. For three or four seconds I thought to myself, “Hey, maybe I should wear one of these dorky-looking ass hats?”