Just when some of us were getting all alarmed about the Golden Globes being a celebrity-free disaster due to NBC’s declared intention to broadcast the 1.13 event without or without a strike agreement (because a lack of one would have guaranteed that most of the talent wouldn’t show up), along comes an announcement, posted on Deadline Hollywood Daily, from Hollywood Foreign Press Association president Jorge Camara, to wit:
“On Saturday morning, December 29, 2007, [HFPA] attorneys began discussions with the Writers Guild of America to enter into an interim agreement similar to that entered into by the WGA and Worldwide Pants, which permits writers guild members to go back to work writing for The Late Show With David Letterman. We feel that the Late Show With David Letterman agreement is very reasonable, and hope and expect the WGA will agree to the same terms and ultimately permit the Golden Globe Awards to be broadcast as scheduled, without picket lines, on Sunday, January 13.”