John Stockwell‘s Turistas (Fox Atomic), which shot in mid ’05 for a cost of $10 million, has earned $7,015,358 so far, according to the IMDB, after seven weeks of play. Understandably, Lionsgate UK has retitled it Paradise Lost for its U.K. and Ireland opening on 4.13.07. What’s happened to Stockwell? He was a GenX Curtis Hanson after making crazybeautiful and Blue Crush, a first-rate, emotionally honest surfing movie, but he’s allowed himself to slide into a pseudo-Lionsgate horror B-movie groove, making flicks about half-dressed kids dodging bad guys and killers in sunny climes (Into the Blue, Turistas). I don’t know the backstory, but it seems as if 2002’s Blue Crush was a kind of yin-yang turning point for the guy. It was his biggest financial success ever (it did around $40 million domestic and decently overseas), but poor Stockwell has been in a kind of Blue Crush jail ever since.