Prom Night, opening today in roughly 2700 theatres, is tracking at 70, 31 and 17 — obviously the film to beat this weekend. What kind of coarse jungle genes do you need in your system to be looking forward to this thing? Don’t the under-25s realize that buying a ticket to it is tantamount to stenciling the words “shameless moviegoing cretin” on their foreheads?

As critic Brian Orndorf has observed, “Stop me if you’ve read these ingredients before: a PG-13 horror picture, a remake of an 80s cult classic, directed by nondescript filmmaker, pathetically kept from critics to avoid unpleasant opening-day reviews, and starring a roster of insipid young actors? Surely this means only the finest quality Hollywood has to offer!”
David Ayer‘s Street Kings (Fox Searchlight) is running just behind at 50, 38 and 15. Opening in roughly 2500 theatres, it’ll be nipping at Prom Night‘s heels all weekend. They’ll both do moderately well. The final tallies will be what they will be. What do you really care…am I right? What does the modest box-office fate of Street Kings have to do with anything, much less the price of rice? What does it mean at the end of the day?
Smart People, the relationship movie starring Dennis Quaid (sporting a beard and a pot belly) and Sarah Jessica Parker, will be bringing up the rear. It’s tracking at 48, 26 and 6.
I should have posted this yesterday, but the action on left-click button on my primary computer has been getting worse and worse so I finally took it into the shop yesterday morning, and in so doing left the latest tracking data on the C drive without a copy.