Near the end of this clip (which is mainly about Bill Clinton lying in trying to defend his wife’s Bosnia lie, which she stated three or four times), Matt Lauer brings up yesterday’s Associated Press-Ipsos national poll numbers showing McCain and Obama tied at 45-45.

In what way is ’08 a change year when the red staters are standing by McCain to this degree? An old guy who promises Bush III, an indefinite Iraq conflict, is dug in deep with the lobbyists, same old lower taxes for fat cats, etc. The levels of ignorance in this country gush like foothill rapids fed by melted mountain snow. Just when you think there might be a serious turn in the road, Ma and Pa Kettle think again and decide it might be better after all to stick with another saber rattler. People sense a certain maverick integrity in McCain, the “Honest John” straight-shooter thing, but my God…the lack of examination! It’s going to be a very rough and infuriating campaign.