Tracking on The Incredible Hulk (opening Friday, 6.13) is running at 96, 37 and 14, but first choice is in the mid 20s among younger males. A similar fervor isn’t there for M. Night Shyamalan‘s The Happening, which is tracking at 72, 35 and 16. (Yes, the first choice number is two points higher than the one for the Hulk, but it has no hot-to-trot quadrant looking to see it at all costs — the support is soft.)
The two big-studio comedies opening on 6.20 — Get Smart and The Love Guru — are both in trouble as we speak. Smart is now at 81, 35 and 7, and Guru is at 81, 35 and 5. I suspect that audiences are smelling desperation on Warner Bros.’ part with all the changing Smart trailers. I’ve seen the Guru trailers in theatres with ticket buyers and nobody’s laughing.
Disney/Pixar’s WALL*E (6./27), a comedic love story between robots, is looking good. 76, 36 and 7 are very good numbers for an animated film two and half weeks out.
Universal’s Wanted (also 6.27) is running at 67, 35 and 7.