There are no racist rubes, under-educated dumb-asses and ultra-resentful Hillary supporters (older, bitter, blue-collar) in the Appalachian areas. Their alleged mindset — their existence, in fact — has been completely manufactured by urban media elitists like myself. But if they did exist, they’d all be going for McCain — let’s face it.
The distortions don’t stop with guys like me. The Columbia Dispatch‘s Mark Niquette has quoted another deluded guy, Herman Kaiser, 73, of Martins Ferry, Ohio, saying that he doesn’t think race “is much of a factor for younger people, but it will be an issue for his generation.” He adds, “Don’t let anyone tell you (some people) aren’t prejudiced.”
Will somebody get in touch with Kaiser and straighten him out? People have to stop ragging on hard-working, rust-belt Americans out there. They have as much of a voice and a vote as anyone else, and it’s just mean.
The Page‘s Mark Halperin has written that Obama “has work to do” with these people. Work? As in an achievable goal?