Anne Thompson to Eric Kohn in a Mountainside Inn echo chamber: “A lot of Netflix and Amazon here.” Renee Zellweger and Adam Driver are being tributed here, which means they’ll both be Oscar-nominated.

“I’ve heard Zellweger’s performance is great,” Thompson says, implying that the film itself may be…who knows? Likewise, “I hear good things about Adam Sandler‘s performance in Uncut Gems.”

Randy Newman, composer of Marriage Story score, is here! First-out-of-the-gate Ford vs. Ferrari happens Friday afternoon. Thompson: ScarJo “is a movie star…a major movie star” who went for the Marvel franchise dough and sort of got off the quality-movie track, but now she’s back.

Every year I run this photo…same angle, same banner, same crowds, same skyscape. A perennial.