From Maureen Dowd‘s 1.7 N.Y. Times column, “White House Red Scare”: “The capital has never been more anxious about its own government. The town is suffering pre-traumatic stress disorder. This guy is really going to be president. No one knows what is going to happen, but they know it will be utter chaos and that the old familiar ways have vaporized.

“The city has the panicked air of a B-horror movie where the townsfolk stand stock still, bug-eyed and frozen, too frightened to flee, waiting for the creature.”

Hell-bent terrorists aren’t stupid, and they know what an opportunity they’ll soon have. Their goal is to provoke the U.S. into such a rage that the wrath of the powers-that-be will descend upon the Islamic-Muslim community like nothing seen before and create a U.S. vs. Islam war, and they know that Trump and his hair-trigger appointees are perfect foils in this regard. Another terrible attack is almost certainly going to happen, and when it does…God help us. Along with all the other horrors (climate destruction, diminishment of health care, Russian alliance) that are waiting in the wings.