I hate the obnoxious soundtrack to this little here’s-how-it’s-done video — just turn off the sound entirely. But it shows again how just a few guys with the right digital software can make a big Saving Private Ryan/Longest Day-type movie for a lot less money. Just three actors played hundreds of soldiers, and the digi-vid tools were all consumer-grade.

I prefer organic reality. I can usually smell digital manipulation and the odor, for me, isn’t appealing. But this video does makes you believe that more and more indie low-ballers are going to find it within their power to make films that will look and sound nearly as high-grade as studio product, and once they can get themselves a delivery system that will shoot their stuff over high-speed internet connections and right into TVs, they’ll be playing on a relatively level playing field with the big distributors, which means that the power that the big guys have had all these decades is sure to gradually diminish.