“R.I.P, dear Sweeney,” writes The Envelope‘s Tom O’Neil, having finally accepted that Tim Burton‘s film will not be a Best Picture nominee. “Put your razor away. You reaped your revenge on screen and history will hail Burton’s genius in future years, as many film critics and filmgoers appreciate it now ($41 million so far — $2 million more than Michael Clayton).
“Who knew that the cutthroat Hollywood crowd would turn away so squeamishly from a little cartoonish blood when they spill so much more of the real stuff down studio halls every day? You will have ultimate revenge again, my friend.
“Just not at the Oscars and you are in good company. Other masterworks snubbed for best picture: The African Queen, East of Eden, Psycho, Some Like It Hot, A Star Is Born, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?. Oh, yes, and Dreamgirls.”