As I understand it, despite Biden’s electoral victory Donald Trump is doubling down on his Deep State conspiracy claims. Harumphing and blustering his way through the belligerency of denial, he’s insisting all the more that “they” have stolen the election. Will he eventually settle down and go “okay, fine…if they want to play it that way I’ll simply become the president-in-exile while I create Trump TV and monetize my loyalist empire,” etc.? How could 71 million Trump supporters be wrong…right?

Anthony Scaramucci believes that deep down Trump is all bullshit and no real action, but if I were Trump — if I was an arrogant, no-class grifter and denialist and strutting asshole who doesn’t care about anything or anyone other than my own financial fortunes and that of my immediate family — if I were Trump I would go hardcore.

I would not only refuse to acknowledge Biden’s victory from here to eternity, but I wouldn’t greet Biden at the White House on Inauguration Day (1.20.21) or attend the swearing-in ceremony or anything. Because I would vacate the White House on 1.19.21 and fly to Mar a Lago or New York in a show of titanic, hard-headed defiance.

If you’re going to self-humiliate by showing the world what a colossally out-of-touch and obstinate dickhead you are, do it big….do it in a way that history will never forget.

Former President George W. Bush has said that the American people “can have confidence that this election was fundamentally fair, its integrity will be upheld, and its outcome is clear.”

In a prepared statement he said that Trump “has the right to request recounts and pursue legal challenges, with any unresolved issues to be properly adjudicated.” And that “no matter how you voted, your vote counted.” And yet “now is the time when we must come together for the sake of our families and neighbors, and for our nation and its future.”

Bush said that while he and Biden “have political differences”, he knows Biden “to be good man who has won his opportunity to lead and unify our country.”