Some kind of congrats is hereby offered to Oscar blogger Scott Feinberg for landing in a big Samsung “Wonder Exchange” ad campaign in the pages of Vanity Fair, Wired, GQ and Architectural Digest. Feinberg shares the five-page spread (which begins on page 67 of the August issue of Vanity Fair) with Ubergizmo co-founder Hubert Nguyen.

Feinberg and Nguyen were given free Samsung Galaxy Tabs (10.1 version) in exchange for their supplying “review comments”, as it were. They also commented about lounge robes, a titanium watch, a jacket, barbells and whatnot. C’mon, it’s all free! And pretty good publicity. You know that Glenn Kenny or Karina Longworth or Eric Kohn would take the merchandise, share their opinions about same and run like thieves. Where’s the harm? Didn’t Mike Wallace used to do ads for Chesterfields?

One question: what’s a Samsung “Wonder Exchange”? It sounds like a combination of Wonder Bread and a desk at Best Buy where you go to return stuff.