Clumsy, lightweight, not-very-good summer comedies and romances are standard in any summer, but the ’06 twist is having to call and chase down studio publicists in order to attend screenings of these films. Sometimes publcists show their stinkers at all-media screenings, and sometimes they don’t screen them at all — a trend that kicked in heavily earlier this year. But other times they just screen them quietly. Call and ask to see, let’s say, My Super Ex-Girlfriend and they’ll say “sure” and give you the time and location…but if you don’t call you’ll never hear from them, and you’ll never see that particular film gratis It’s kind of an in-between position. Other films you half-want to see but not really, like Gil Kenan’s Monster House (Columbia, 7.21). I’ve had a couple of shots at seeing it (including an all-media invitation) but not the 3D version, which sounds like more fun. I called about seeing it in this format (there’s only been one 3D press screening so far) but I guess It won’t happen. I don’t think I’ll have a very good time at a film like this but you never know….it could be moderately okay. What am I saying? I don’t know what I’m saying except that once publicists get to know you they decide in advance if you’re going to like a movie or not, and they don’t try very hard to get you to see it…especially if you’re a sourpuss with a modicum of taste.