The summer is a time for indie-sector “mosquito” movies. I’m speaking of movies that you need and want to see, but there’s always something else you have to do first and then it’s suddenly later than you thought it was. But knowing these little films are being screened and the awful guilt you always feel when you realize you could have gone to see this one or that one the night before except you were struggling to finish a piece and you looked up and it was 8:35 pm….it’s very tough. All to explain it’s analagous on some level to being in a swampy area and surrounded by mosquitoes. That’s not to say that the films themselves are mosquitoes — far from it — but the missed-screening guilt that’s always swirling around your head is, on some level, mosquito-like. Thank God for DVD screeners and the willingness of vigilant publciists to send them over by messenger or mail. I’ve managed to see 13 Tzameti, Edmond, The Groomsmen, Mini’s First Time The Oh in Ohio and Time to Leave this way. And I’ve actually gone to theatre screenings of Brothers fo the Head in a screening room (conjoined male twins with their arms wrapped around each other’s shoulders throughout the whole film…cool) as well as I Like Killing Flies (ThinkFilm, 8.28), a spunky little Sundance doc about a New York restauratuer that I first saw in ’04, I think.