Now that New Moon‘s Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner have told Movieline‘s Kyle Buchanan about their favorite movie scene, the issue I raised yesterday about Lautner is officially settled.

I’m sorry to blurt out a harsh thing but on top of his Beagle Boy boxer-dog nose the guy chose a boilerplate revenge-setup scene in Braveheart as his all-time fave. I’m sorry but that tears it. He sat down at the desk, picked up a pen, took the quiz and flunked.

Lautner’s favorite clip from Mel Gibson‘s Oscar-winning film is “like the worst scene,” he tells Buchanan, “but it’s at the very beginning when he sees his love die. That sets up the whole adventure where he’s going to fight for her. Just, like, the fire in his eyes when he sees that, and now he’s going on this mission for her…it’s the best.” Dumb-down much?

Stewart, on the other hand, names a very cool favorite film — Control. “[It’s] my favorite movie right now, because I’ve been watching a lot of band movies,” she says. “Sam Riley…like, any scene that he’s in, any scene in that movie, he’s incredible. Especially if you’re a fan of Joy Division or know anything about them, he’s astounding.”