I had problems the instant I walked into this place last night. The interior atmosphere was dark and cave-like and sort of Guido-ish with awful hanging mini-lamps and tacky sound-level screens on the walls behind the bar, like something you’d see in some laughably low-rent recording studio in the early ’80s. And the music was way too loud…thump thump thump thump thump. I understand obnoxious house music at a club but not for a place where people are supposed to effing eat. “Uhm, does the music have to be this loud?,” I asked the waitress when I first sat down. “I mean, this is basically a restaurant, right?” She said she’d ask…nothing. I asked again 15 minutes later. She came back and said, “They said the music is part of the ambience here…sorry but it’s always been like this.” So in retaliation I tipped her 5%. I know it wasn’t her fault but someone had to pay. I hope this place dies. It deserves to.