My Week With Marilyn Observation #1: “Good lord, when are people going to figure out that this show belongs to Michelle Williams and she alone? That is all anyone will be talking about once people actually see the movie. There is absolutely, positively no doubt that Williams is right alongside [Meryl] Streep and [Glenn] Close at the very front of the Best Actress race.”

My Week With Marilyn Observation #2: “It’s totally Michelle Williams’ film. She’s the only justification for making it and for watching it. She really captures Marilyn’s whispery allure, drifting attention span, lack of self-confidence and, most importantly, movie star charisma. I don’t go in for the all the Oscar speculation stuff, but she’s (a) the whole story, (b) a definite Oscar contender, and (c) a [provider of] a performance that older Hollywood people will respond to in a big way.”