People I respect and admire are telling me that LexG is over-ranting and dominating each thread he takes part in, and that they’re getting tired of it and thinking about bailing on HE because of this. Is this a fringe feeling that I’ve giving too much thought to, or should I be concerned? I want the best and brightest people to hang here. I don’t want HE to become some downmarket forum for primitive expressions, and…well, my head is spinning. I really don’t know what to say or do.

LexG is exceptionally bright and knows about writing straight from the soul without parsing, and he writes entertainingly, although I’ve told him I don’t to read any more comments about hormonal reactions to this or that actress, or comments about their feet or anything along those vaguely icky lines. But his personality is very strong and elbowy, and he does tend to bellow at people. I really don’t know what to do or think. I don’t mind his rants, but I would mind if too many people didn’t return here because of them. Is this the case?

Could I ask for a show of hands? Whither LexG? And what can I do to make HE more open-minded, more engaging, and less belligerent? Glenn Kenny has become a bit of a piss-head and may not be long for this site, but I really don’t want to lose guys like Chris Willman, et. al.