One of the first results of Quentin Tarantino‘s hostile takeover of the New Beverly Cinema, which Deadline‘s Jen Yamato reported about on 9.7, was, of course, getting rid of that damn digital projector and committing to an all-35mm, all-the-time policy. It also resulted in the respectful removal of Michael Torgan (son of the late honcho/founder of the New Beverly) who had managed the cinema for many years. (I posted a recap and reaction on 9.17.) And now recently appointed co-manager Julia Marchese, who’s also been with the New Beverly for years, serving as the face and the personality of that down-at-the-heels establishment, has revealed that QT’s personal assistant and NB superior Julie Mclean has told her she’s “not manager material” and that she’s perfectly free to leave the New Beverly if she wants. This action apparently had something to do with Marchese balking at an order from Tarantino that no one can talk about the new operation on social media. What has happened to Marchese is standard African wildlife behavior. When a new lion takes over the pride, all the cubs sired by the previous lion have to be killed. “It absolutely breaks my heart to say this, but the New Beverly Cinema that have I loved and stood so ardently for — and that I believe so many of you out there love and stand up for — is gone,” Marchese has written on her site.