I generally regard Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly as a rightwing harridan and a cold-hearted, logic-defying ideologue, but not this time. CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden is obviously too moderate, too mellow, too laissez-faire. He needs to be whacked and I mean right now. Frieden obviously hasn’t taken the lessons of Steven Soderbergh‘s Contagion (’11) or Wolfgang Peterson’s Outbreak (’95) to heart. President Obama needs to man up and get someone with the temperament of Dustin Hoffman‘s Colonel Sam Daniels to take Frieden’s place. Two Dallas-based infected hospital workers now — how many more have been exposed? Mild-mannered bureaucrats don’t cut the mustard in situations like this. The CDC needs a strong decider who isn’t afraid of pissing people off or being…you know, “brutally efficient.”