“Sources” — i.e., more than one person — have told Radar‘s Jeff Bercovici that George Clooney, who got into some kind of hostile shoving or fisticuffs with David O. Russell during the filming of Three Kings, was somehow involved in circulating those Russell vs. Lily Tomlin I Heart Huckabee video clips that got around a week or so ago.

Stan Rosenfield, Clooney’s p.r. guy, told Bercovici that it’s a bullshit rumor, but the Radar guy is speculating — emphasis on the “s” word — that a sound mixer named Edward Tise (who worked on Three Kings, Good Night and Good Luck and I Heart Huckabees) may have overly sent the video around at Clooney’s behest. Question: why did the person who sent the videos around wait until just recently to make his/her move, when the videos were making the rounds of the talent agencies last fall?)