It’s after 7 pm Eastern and we’re still waiting for the long delayed JFK assassination files to be released. Maybe this evening; maybe not. It appears that some of the files (roughly 200 out of 3000) will be held back for six months due to redaction requests from the CIA and FBI. All this delay, all these decades and they couldn’t get things ready for the deadline. Slackers. Foot-draggers.

Jefferson Morley‘s and are two of the most respected JFK assassination sites around. In a 10.25 piece for Alternet, Morley stated that “the most significant story in the new JFK files will be details of the CIA’s pre-assassination monitoring of Oswald,” which were allegedly known to and under the control of CIA spook James J. Angleton. If Trump approves CIA and FBI requests to withhold some records, the JFK files that Trump keeps secret will be more important than the ones he releases.”