A Hollywood Elsewhere respect badge is hereby offered to Screencrush‘s Jordan Hoffman for manning up and walking out of last night’s 9:45 pm screening of The Raid 2 — a film that I wouldn’t have seen with a gun in my ribs. I saw the original Raid (thanks again to James Rocchi for urging me to do so) and learned my lesson. From Hoffman’s review: “Ten minutes before the end I turned to a colleague and said ‘all right, enough of this’ and walked out — the first time I’ve ever left a film that I intended to review in my career. I’ve stuck through far worse films. You might even interpret my reaction as a mark of success for director Gareth Evans and his team of choreographers and makeup artists. The violence in this unrated cut is so relentless, so absolutely brutal, that I just couldn’t take anymore. While athletically and technically impressive, the final fights in The Raid 2 are so unpleasant that I realized that if I didn’t race out of my seat, I may have vomited in the theater.” Correction: the term is “ralph,” not vomit. Never use a blunt, common-sounding term to describe a vulgar or distasteful act.