My reaction to Lewis John Carlino‘s The Sailor Who Feel From From Grace With The Sea after catching it at a Westport cinema in ’77 was “nice try but not quite.” The young kid’s (Jonathan Kahn) homoerotic fixation with Kris Kirstofferson‘s sailor character synched with the 1963 Yukio Mishima source novel, but the ritualized killing at the end didn’t synch with the English setting and American sensibilities of the film itself. It felt pushed. But the sex scenes between Kristofferson and Sarah Miles were fairly hot, so at least there was that. Word around the campfire was that Miles and Kristofferson were entwined during shooting, and that this affair (coupled with an erotic Playboy spread they they both posed for) ended Kristofferson’s marriage to Rita Coolidge. That was the rumble, at least. Yes, the Bluray has been out for ages. No, I haven’t bought it.