The Razzies were a moderately amusing concept in the ’80s and ’90s, but the world has moved on. One reason they’re barely paid attention to is that worst of the year lists are ubiquitous online during December and early January, and whatever limited interest might exist in this post-relevant annual event (which attracted moderate attention when good sport Sandra Bullock accepted her Worst Actress award in person in 2010) has all but dissipated by the time of the presentation, which is always right before the Oscars per the scheduling of founder John J.B. Wilson. But the main reason the Razzies are roadkill is that they only go after easy prey. Where is the pizazz in announcing that Grown Ups 2, a piece of Adam Sandler sequel sausage that no one cared about to begin with, has acquired eight Razzies noms? The other worst picture nominations were won by The Lone Ranger, A Madea Christmas, After Earth and Movie 43.

A little more than 18 years ago I attended what was probably the best Razzie award ceremony of all time. On 3.24.96 Paul Verhoeven became the first name-brand filmmaker to show up and accept a Razzie — it gave the marginal organization tremendous visibility. to accept a Worst Director award for Showgirls, which was nominated for 13 Razzies and won seven. I had interviewed Verhoeven a couple of times before that date (once in Cannes in ’92) and had always liked and admired him, but he was dazzling that day. The smile, the gleam in his eye, his arms raised in triumph…bold as brass.