I’ve been paying for regular bundled cable TV since around ’81, when I first moved into my Bank Street apartment with a half-decent income. And now it’s finally time to cut the cord and make do without regular TV, which I never watch at all. I’ve got a top-of-the-line Roku Player along with an Apple TV box (completely superfluous compared to what the Roku contains), and right now I pay for HBO but I can obviously get that straight from the horse’s mouth when I give my Time Warner channel bundle the heave-ho.

The only thing I’m reluctant to give up is my occasional check-ins with MSNBC and CNN, which aren’t as frequent as they used to be but I like the fact they they’re there. And I’m certainly going to want them around when the 2016 election kicks off in earnest…what, five or six months from now?

If only I could independently access those two channels along with the usual HBO, Showtime, Netflix, TMC, AMC, Amazon and Warner Archive, I’d be totally fine. I know it sounds ridiculous to delay on a significant monthly saving over a sentimental attachment to two news channels, but there it is. It’s the only thing holding me back.

Jett is telling me to buy one of those one-shot Radio Shack antennas for regular-ass TV. Maybe. He’s also suggesting I might want to wait for the new Apple TV, which is apparently going to deliver a “significant overhaul” of the existing version with a much-improved streaming service.

Macrumors says the new box may “feature Apple’s A8 chip” and a “dramatic increase” in internal storage. The rumored streaming service “is said to be a web-based offering that will bundle approximately 25 channels for $30 to $40 a month. Apple is in talks with several content providers, including ABC, CBS, Fox, Disney, Viacom and Discovery.”