After six years of absolute loyalty, I’m ready to bail on the iPhone. I quite like the size, luminosity and reported speed of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, and am figuring Samsung is on the stick better than Apple these days. I almost jumped earlier this month but I don’t want to leave behind those familiar iPhone apps. But Apple has become a caretaker company — it’s no longer the place it was under Steve Jobs — and I want a phablet, dammit. I’ve read that the iPhone 6, due either next May or or sometime during the summer (or perhaps next fall), will be “jumbo” or close to Galaxy 3-sized. But I’ve also read the following: “Apple puts a ton of effort into keeping its devices pocketable and usable with one hand, [and so] the overall size of the iPhone 6 is likely going to be much smaller than the Galaxy Note 3. It may feature a larger screen than the iPhone 6 but we expect Apple to thin out the bezels and keep the size change to a minimum.” There’s also a report from BGR that the iPhone 6 will be bigger “but not as big as…Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3.” If the iPhone 6 re-design seems too small or cautious, I’m gone. I’m sick of Apple’s timidity.