Toward the end of the 1986 Academy Award telecast Earl W. Wallace and William Kelley were handed the Best Original Screenplay Oscar for co-authoring Witness, the 1985 Peter Weir film starring Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis. When he got to the mike, Wallace said “I have a sneaking suspicion that my career just peaked.” 25 years later Colin Firth said almost exactly same thing when he picked up his Best Actor Oscar for The King’s Speech. And here’s The Wolf of Wall Street‘s Jonah Hill saying roughly the same thing about a week ago. Wallace, it turned out, was speaking the truth. Perhaps Firth was also — who knows? But Hill, 30, has loads of great work ahead of him. He’s just beginning so the egg noodles and ketchup remark (an allusion to the diminished quality of life that Ray Liotta‘s Henry Hill is coping with at the end of Goodfellas) doesn’t wash.