I finally got around to watching the two Real Geezers videos on YouTube last night, and they’re actually pretty good. And I love that meowing cat in the background! Screenwriter Lorenzo Semple (The Parallax View, Three Days of the Condor) and producer and former writer’s agent Marcia Nasatir (The Big Chill) are sharp and seasoned and don’t mince words.

Semple’s Michael Clayton love is relentless — he’s voting for Tilda Swinton in the Best Supporting Actress category. Nasatir also in her worshipping of George Clooney. Semple loves Diablo Cody and Julie Christie, hates Lars and the Real Girl, and isn’t all that moved by Hal Holbrook. The segments provide a fascinating eavesdrop into the thinking of the industry’s 70-and-older generation. Part 1 is below; here‘s part 2.