Machete (20th Century Fox, 9.3.10) looks pretty good — funny, cheesy, retro — but it’s been half-directed and half-written by Robert Rodriguez, and that’s bad. And good for Danny Trejo — an excellent fellow — but I wonder how many under-30 Eloi will flock to the movie because of his powerfully built, bulging-neck-muscles Hispanic machismo thing.

And speaking of that, there’s the sardonic Latino flavor in this trailer? The last one had a little more smirk humor. And where’s the scene where Machete beats the shit out of the big-mouthed white-cracker journalist when the latter complains about Machete talking too loudly in a cafe?

And why doesn’t the trailer take more notice of Lindsay Lohan‘s costarring role? And why doesn’t it make a little more hoopla out of Cheech Marin? I love that Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, Robert De Niro, Jeff Fahey, Steven Seagal and Don Johnson are also in this.