Yesterday I briefly posted a pic of the “other” Matthew Wilder (i.e., the “Break My Stride” singer) in my riff about Matthew Zoller Seitz‘s Salon interview with the presumed director of Lindsay Lohan‘s next film, a Linda Lovelace biopic. Here are photos of the actual guy, taken two years ago at Cinevegas.

Matthew Wilder, director of the possibly upcoming Inferno, during an appearance at Cinevegas ’08 to promote Your Name Here.

HE reader Circumvrent reported that E!’s The Soup “has a clip in their rotation of this bald-headed douche talking about the Lovelace biopic and saying, ‘There’s nudity in the movie, but I like to tell people that it’s not Porky’s nudity — it’s Schindler’s List nudity.'” (I’ve searched through the Soup site and can’t find it.) Wilder may sound like an enabling Iago in the Seitz interview, but I admire the “Schindler’s List nudity” quote. It has a ring. It sticks.