From Stephen Dalton‘s 2.7.15 Hollywood Reporter review: “Filmed in a single mobile shot lasting over two hours, actor-turned-director Sebastian Schipper‘s Victoria (Adopt, 1o.9) is a dazzling stylistic experiment which largely pays off. Rising Catalan star Laia Costa plays the eponymous heroine, a disillusioned young Spanish exile looking for thrills in Berlin. Inevitably, she soon finds herself out of her depth. Barely an hour after meeting on the street, a rowdy gang of amateur criminals enlist Victoria to help them commit an armed bank robbery in a chaotic haze of booze and drugs. What could possibly go wrong?

“Padding out a minimal 12-page script with heavily improvised dialogue, Victoria takes a while to emerge from its fuzzy-headed, freewheeling first act. But it repays our patience when it shifts gear from Richard Linklater-style talk-heavy Eurodrama to heart-racing, adrenaline-pumped heist thriller. With one foot in the indie margins and another in the multiplex mainstream, commercial prospects could be healthy if Schipper and his marketing team can generate buzz in both demographics.”