The apparent belief among certain Minneapolis citizens who’ve been rioting over the killing of Daunte Wright is that now-resigned police officer Kimberly Potter lied about accidentally shooting Wright with her pistol instead of her holstered Taser…right? She flat-out lied instead of admitting that she intended to plug the kid with her Glock 22 when he started acting up…right? Because how could she possibly mistake her sidearm, which weighs a little more than two pounds, with a Taser that only weighs eight ounces…right?

Potter’s mystifying behavior aside, the apparent view of woke lefty culture and the African-American community is that cops should stop trying to strong-arm suspects of color when they pull them over for whatever, and if the situation comes down to an either-or to basically err on the side of “let ’em skate.” Because if they pull them over and suspects-of-color resist or refuse to comply or run for the hills (which often happens), another tragedy will ensue and more crowds will attack more police stations and loot more stores.

The general solution, therefore, would be to adopt a hands-off, not-worth-it policy in the matter of routine pull-overs. If a suspect of whatever ethnicity is pulled over or questioned regarding an alleged felony, law officers obviously need to do their duty. But if a person-of-color has an air-freshener hanging from a rearview mirror or if his/her car has an expired registration tag, let it go. If cops are about to cuff a suspect and he wriggles away and jumps into his car, watch the suspect peel out and don’t pursue. It’s not worth it. The cops can always sneak up and cuff him/her later.