Dave Chappelle‘s George Floyd riff starts at the 5:00 mark and ends at 7:30. And then it picks up again after the 8:00 mark. But in the middle of this, at 7:35, comes his Don Lemon riff, which made me laugh out loud. After describing Lemon as “that hotbed of reality,” Chappelle says he flinched when Lemon called out showbiz celebrities for not being sufficiently angry or demonstrative enough about Floyd’s murder. “This [n-word] was talkin’ about everybody…I was screamin’ at the TV, ‘I dare you to say me, [n-word]….I dare you. This is the streets talkin’ for themselves…they don’t need me right now.”

At 14:55, Chappelle calls Laura Ingraham the c-word. He also calls Staten Island “an awful place…yuk.”

The 26-minute set was filmed on Saturday, June 6 in Yellow Springs, Ohio.