Pay any kind of attention to HBO and you’ll see that Recount teaser over and over. You know…the docudrama about the Florida vote count muddle that followed the November 2000 election, directed by Jay Roach. I don’t care if Politico‘s Jeff Ressner warned last December that it might be too cautious a dramatization. It feels enticing and is the only thing I really want to see now, but HBO won’t be showing it to reviewers and entertainment writers until the tail end of this month.

Recount will debut for HBO viewers on May 25th. I should grow up and be patient, but I know it reads pretty well and my blood is up. I ran an enthusiastic a piece about the script a year ago this month (and got ridiculed by HE readers for being overly impressionable). I can just sense a certain juiciness, is all. Kevin Spacey, Dennis Leary, Tom Wilkinson as James Baker, John Hurt as Warren Christopher, Bob Balaban, Laura Dern as Katherine Harris, Bob Balaban and Al Gore and George Bush as themselves.