I’ve never been obsessive about it, but ever since my 20s I’ve had a slight longing to own one of those red James Dean jackets and, you know, wear it with a white T-shirt, jeans and boots. But I never found one with exactly the right cut and tint. Now I’m past it but I came upon this photo the other day…yeah. I’m thinking now of that Dean project that Michael Mann wanted to direct around 1993 or so with Leonardo DiCaprio starring. (The project eventually wound up as a better-than-decent TNT biopic with James Franco in the lead — his breakout role — and Mark Rydell directing.) I’ve never mentioned this in print, but when I was working for People 20 years ago Mann did me the honor of showing me some silent test footage he’d done of DiCaprio mimicking Dean in various modes (this one, Jett Rink, Cal Trask). Leo looked a little too soft and baby-fattish but he had the Dean mannerisms and expressions down pat.