It was announced earlier today that Robert EggersThe Northman (Focus Features) will open on 4.8.22. There goes the concept of duelling Shakespeare-related dramas (which I mentioned a couple of weeks ago) opening during award season.**

The Focus folks are understandably terrified of anyone associating The Northman with Hamlet. I would certainly be if I was in their shoes.

As I mentioned on 1.13.21, the basic bones of the script (cowritten by Eggers and Sjon) are based upon the Scandinavian legend of Amleth, which inspired Shakespeare‘s legendary tragedy.

Focus synopsis: “The Northman is an epic revenge thriller, that explores how far a Viking prince will go to seek justice for his murdered father.”

** Update: I won’t say which day or exactly where, but The Northman is being test-screened next week. An invite was forwarded yesterday by a friend. The April ’22 date is therefore not necessitated by technical issues — obviously about a decision that this reputedly violent film isn’t an award-season fall thing.