Somewhat older people (i.e., thirtysomethings) have always looked back on their early 20s with unequal blends of nostalgia and regret, and movies about same are of course permissible and expected, but you can’t just “remake” The Big Chill in a present-day context. If you want to remake a movie of this type, pick on Kenneth Branagh‘s Peter’s Friends.

Lawrence Kasdan‘s 1983 classic was about a bunch of middle-class people in the early ’80s who’d lived together and gotten high and enjoyed bacchan- alian sex in the late ’60s, and 15 years later were coming to terms with not just adult life, but adult life as influenced by a culture that had abandoned and moved on from the pseudo-rebellious atmosphere of the free-form ’60s. A Ronald Reagan culture that had become “chillier.” A society more invested in status and income levels and less about heart, spirit and discovery.
This changeover spirit hasn’t manifested between, say, the early ’90s and today, or the mid ’80s and today. There’s just no analogy that fits so forget it. Just make an old-friends-getting-together-ten-of-fifteen-years-later movie and make it your own.