In his assessment of last night’s Golden Globes telecast, THR’s Scott Feinberg notes that in the wake of negative aspersions cast by a recent L.A. Times article about an absence of African-American members in the HFPA, the GG winners were “remarkably diverse.”

He could have added that given the timing of the article, HFPA members felt understandably intimidated.

One could infer that HFPA members were prodded into voting for as many “diverse” nominees as possible in order to refute or muddy the implication of the L.A. Times article.

One could conclude, in other words, that they apparently wanted to say to the community at large that while the L.A. Times piece offered a certain implication, their GG winners offered another. We’re as woke as you want us to be, we’re not unaware of the current industry narrative, we’re totally on the bus, etc.

Feinberg excerpt: