MCN’s David Poland has posted a list of the last film critics still working in America (and numbering 117 as we speak). But he wants to hear about anyone he might have missed from anyone who knows for sure. Poland is looking only for full-time death row film critics who do nothing else but go to movies and write reviews and sit at their desks waiting to be canned.

The vast majority of the threatened work for publications that are primarily print (or at least which began on paper way back when). Are there any online-only film critics facing the axe? It goes without saying that the print-based critics who also do interviews, essays and online bloggy-blogs are probably in much better shape than those who seem to be more or less “waiting for it.”

It seems to me that Poland is looking to more or less elbow aside the Salt Lake Tribune‘s Sean P, Means, who’s been keeping the definitive list of laid-off film critics for the last two or three years. Same difference except that the shorter the Poland list, the longer the Means will be. Either way Poland is saying, “Hey, who says Means owns this beat? Or at least, who says I can’t reverse the POV and get into it that way?”