Ryan Murphy‘s adaptation of Larry Kramer‘s The Normal Heart (HBO, 5.25) looks pretty good. Possibly more than that. Perhaps it’ll turn out to the best gay-themed, era-capturing drama since Tony Kushner‘s Angels in America, also an HBO presentation. (Or not.) Brad Pitt producing, Julia Roberts costarring, Roberts’ husband Danny Moder handling the cinematography, etc. Two observations: (1) Mark Ruffalo‘s lead performance (i.e., “Ned Weeks” a.k.a. Kramer) might be the meatiest role he’s had since Zodiac and perhaps the most emotionally affecting one he’s played since You Can Count On Me…maybe; (2) Taylor Kitsch‘s career seemed doomed after his 2012 trifecta of calamity (John Carter, Battleship, Savages) but he performed honorably in Lone Survivor and now he’s got a strong supporting role in The Normal Heart. The WME agent who put Kitsch into Carter/Battleship/Savages came close to literally killing the poor guy.