Yesterday’s projected five-day figure for Enchanted was reported as $68 million instead of the correct $58 million. A mistake, plain and simple.

Yesterday’s box-office projection reporting was ridiculous — the rudimentary Wednesday figures led to overblown and misleading three- and five-day figures on the studio-calculator side, and I misheard (i.e., failed to double-check) two figures that compounded the confusion. Hurried, blurred, holiday fatigued…no excuse.

Enchanted then took in $6.8 million yesterday, down 16%, which has resulted in an adjusted five-day projection of $54 million and a three-day weekend figure of $39 million.

But the studio calculators still don’t know enough and won’t have the precise Enchantment skinny in their sights until the figures comes in for today — Friday, 11.23 . Whatever it does today will bring in the focus that has been sorely lacking thus far. For what

This Christmas figures were also wildly off yesterday. Yesterday I was told $28 million for 3 days, $38 million for 5 days. Now they’re saying $19 million for three days and $27 million for five days. Talk about silly. You can only throw up your hands at this level of day-to-day divergence.