I’ve been trying to understand the root of my animal dislike of MSNBC’s David Gregory. The man makes me twitch with rage. It’s partly his seeming determination to make points and ask questions in his interviews that cast doubt or uncertainty upon Barack Obama, and give whatever credit he can to the John McCain side. But it’s not just that, I’ve told myself. Some indication of essence is suggested in his features. Those beady black eyes, that goofy smile, creepy mop of gray hair, monkey mouth and monkey nose.

MSNBC commentator/host David Gregory; Maurice Evans’ Dr. Zaius

Then it hit me…of course! Being a movie guy through and through, I’ve realized that all along Gregory has been strongly reminding me of Maurice Evans‘ Dr. Zaius, the orangutan defender of the faith, in Planet of the Apes. It’s not just their similar facial features, but their obstinacy. Gregory’s constant insistence on giving an open and fair hearing to the shameless mud and lies of the McCain campaign is like Zaius’s refusal to consider that Charlton Heston‘s “Bright Eyes” might be intelligent and literate.