My first day in Cannes turned into a wifi nightmare on two fronts. The apartment’s wifi is so awful that there’s no choice but to demand a refund, and the air at the legendary Orange Cafe inside the Palais — one of the fastest and most reliable wireless environments in years past — has been flaky and twitchy. In and out, working and then not working, etc. This sounds like petty carping but it’s not. There’s nothing worse than bad air. It messes up everything.

Horaires des Projections Presse — snapped in Orange Cafe on Tuesday, 5.12, 7:25 pm.

One of the tech guys said they had to install a brand new hard wire yesterday and that they’ve been trying to tweak it correctly today with limited success. At least tomorrow morning’s Up screening isn’t happening until 10 am, which means a bit more time to sleep.