“Early Sunday, the sound of anti-aircraft fire and screaming fighter jets echoed across Tripoli, punctuated by heavy explosions,” reads David Kirkpatrick, Steven Erlanger and Elisabeth Bumiller‘s 3.19 N.Y. Times story about the combined American, British and French air strikes against the government of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, “unleashing warplanes and missiles in a military intervention on a scale not seen in the Arab world since the Iraq war.”

There are some who moan and frown and condemn when hostilities of this sort break out (like Michael Moore), and others, like myself, who strangely love the greenish flashing nightlight and the sonic kaboom and the coordinated splendor of expensive technological aggression. Plus the target is a genuine scumbag. Plus it’s Barack Obama‘s first big main-street shootout of his own and, I would argue, America’s first right-minded, semi-supportable military maneuver since…when? Plus it’s not the start of another land war but some kind of strategic rock ‘n’ rumble.

“I love it…God help me but I love it so.” — George S. Patton.