Offering your confession to a Catholic priest inside a small, musty Catholic church on Magnolia…stoned. Talking about the Vietnam War while lifting weights at Muscle Beach on a Sunday afternoon…stoned. Watching the Dean Martin Showstoned. Getting a ticket for straddling lanes on the Santa Monica Freeway…stoned. Sitting in a Venice high-school auditorium with your ex-wife at a Parent-Teacher’s Association meeting…stoned. Sitting in a really choice seat along the third-base line in Dodger Stadium during a night game…stoned. Eating tortilla chips and guacamole at El Cholo on a weeknight…stoned. Talking to a mechanic about your brakes at a garage on Santa Monica Blvd…stoned. Catching a flick at the Fox Venice on Lincoln Blvd…stoned. Going over your tax returns with your accountant…stoned. (Fan art lifted from Awards Daily, created by Alex Fellows.)